Thursday, 29 March 2012


“Have you ever watched a movie called Sandcastle’s’’ There is hipes off sands all around the beach some of the sands are REALLY,REALLY,REALLY HOT!!!!!!! That's why I don’t go to the beach that much.You should even get  a  sand bucket  to put the sand inside and then turn it upside down and  you can take it off  and then it will look like it’s real.The sand can even blow away at night or morning.Some of the house's are made out of sand.Would you like sand in your house?

Friday, 2 March 2012

The picnic.

‘’WOW!!! it’s the picnic’’ ‘’ I giggled to my self that sounds like fun’’. I want to play with clay with my friends. Gloria and I started to make some clay balls. it was fun. We Had to put the clay in to the water so it can make it hard but lf you put it in the water to long it will melt.

Eating some food  with my family was cool me and my brother were eating some heather food and we eat some junk food  and my best friend gave me some fruit.

I love swimming at the beach .Me and my Friends were swimming like an ‘’YES,YES,YES’’ they said.