Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Holiday Recount. (Christmas).

Topic: Christmas.
Purpose: To Tell Your Audience About Your Purpose.
Audience: Anyone That Views My Blog.

Title: Christmas.

I woke up excited in the morning knowing that it was Christmas. I went passionately to the lounge and looked on the table, I expected my presents to be underneath the Christmas tree and there they were as I had expected.  I was overwhelmed with joy and delight for the reason that, For Christmas   I received many  presents  like Clothes, Waterside and I must not forget, Favorites.

As the day went by I packed all my presents and  continued on with my day by  crashing  down on the  couch while my friends and family can just play and also do chores while I can Chile and watch the W.W.E  Smack Down on SKY T.V .

Wondering what was for lunch I waited patiently for my mum to say “lunch is on come and eat”. Thinking of what she might say , she said it , like 10 minutes later, I ran to the kitchen table but then I stopped for some reason when I was just 50 inches away from the table,  “WOW that is a lot of food” I thought to myself.

50 Inches away from the table I say, lots of Muffins, Chocolate Mud cake Lemonade juice, Doritos, and I must not forget CANDY FLOSS!! my favorite. I stopped and said to myself “Um let me see ,  I should save the best for last , Candy floss and also the Chocolate Mud cake , NO WAIT I should eat the Doritos first”.

As the time goes on my family, friends and I gathered around for our good byes. I said good bye to everyone but not my cousin because he did not say any goodbyes to me, I watched everyone jump into their cars and help their children get inside their booster seats.

The house was nice and quiet and at that moment it was the best time to go for a nap, As soon as eyes passed out I heard a squeaky voice telling me to clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes and when I opened my eyes I just realized that it was my mum screaming and trying to get my attention.

As I did what I was told I was glad that I have finished all my chores and finish washing all the dishes I crashed down on my mom's couch and closed my eyes.


Treaty Of Waitangi.

Here is a Presentation that I have created that was part of my Reading activity. The treaty of Waitangi was a significant in New Zealand history that has shaped our country for years. I hope you enjoy reading my blog post about the Treaty Of Waitangi.

Something Special.

As you all know last year was 2014. In term 4 it was athletics, everyone in the school was put into a group, depending on their age or maybe even their year at school and the group I was in was the year 7 girls team. Looking forward to athletics, My expectation for this whole thing was that I would come 4th in the Softball ball throw, 2nd in high jump, and 2nd in Discus.

Thinking of what place I might come in athletics, I was really excited that I was going to be the 2nd to last time athletics for me. Having 2nd thoughts about this whole (What place I might come in), I was  just thinking that I might as well just come last in all events I have trained for and learned all about.

Reasoning of what I just said , my teacher Miss Clark was talking  to me about how I can strive to succeed and compete against my opponents and to also trust in instincts. So I followed my teacher Miss Clark's advice and all of a sudden I came 2nd in Discus, 3rd in High Jump, and also 5th in softball.

I was really proud of myself by trusting my instincts  and becoming the place that matters to my parents because it does not matter if you do not come a place but the only thing that matters is that you tried your best.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First Day Of School.

On The first day of school was pretty amazing because when I first found out I was in Mr Wiseman Class I totally thought I was going to be in Miss Peato’s class , Room 5. Waiting for my day to begin in my class , Room 1 I had an awesome day because as the day begon all we did was play games about each other so that we can know each other better and that we are a team. I hope that I will have a great time throw out the year.

My Goals For 2015.


My goals for this year is to move up a level in all my subjects so that my report for this year will be enthusiasm as in awesome so that I can impress my parents so that they can be proud of me.

Thinking and describing how I need to achieve my goals the most important thing is to Strive to Succeed so that you can know why your parents have bought you to school (TO LEARN).

Knowing your goals is really , really important because when you are of to College and your teacher ask's you what are your goals you will not know what your goals are and that is the reason why my teacher Mr Wiseman told Room 1 you write about our goals.


My goals for this term is to finish of my work properly and finish of my work so that I can complete my work and move onto the next activity. Finish it of properly is a way to finish of your work so that your teacher can know that you are responsible.

Learning myself about my goals I really need to focus and listen to instruction and complete them trow out the day so that I know what I need to do at school as I go along the day.

For this term I need to come on time to school so that I know what I need to do early in the morning and so that I do not go in the re - think group.