Thursday, 23 August 2012

CrossCountry Muamua.!!

WOW!!!!! I can not wait till cross country.Walking down the reserve I was so nervous to do my cross country run.All the other teachers felt so excited to watch Point  the England children run.All the did was just cheer for us but that just made me slow down.

The ten year old girls had to start their race’s. but Mr Burt had two  brick’s in his hand that is stuck together to bang them  together.I so  nervous that I could not even think about anything.

Running  down the bridge I was exhausted and I got tired really fast.But I kept running because the Telecom people was cheering for me and the other children.I ran really fast that could not even breath.When I came to the finish line I heard my mum cheering me up so I ran much faster.Than I ran and I said to my mum that I was thirsty and hungry so she gave me my drink bottle.And then I was waiting until my brother to run his race I was cheering really loud like i can not hear my mum.BUT A GOOD JOB FOR MY BROTHER BECAUSE HE CAME 8TH PLACE.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Muamua's Sentence Builder.

The talented Athlete celebrates enthusiastically.
2. As the talented Athlete celebrated enthusiastically  they were very happy                          
to party with the other Athletes.
3.Enthusiastically  the talented Athlete celebrated the olympics closing ceremony..

Friday, 10 August 2012

Thank You Panasonic.!!

Every year Panasonic runs a competition. During assembly a man named Paul came into our school hall, and talked to us. He came to our school to announce the winners. Guess what? Room 13 won the storyboard.

So Paul and Panasonic gave us the camera so we can film the storyboard we made. He also gave us a microphone and a memory card. Room 13 wants to say thank you Panasonic and Paul for giving us the camera and that!!!!!!!

Here is the link