Friday, 25 October 2013

Narrative Story.

Once There lived an old and lovely woman named Jessica and also her husband named John. They lived with there  2 children  there was 1 girl and 1 boy.The name of the boy is Maxine and the girl was Mary Jane.  There mum was sent to hospital because she had disease by her husband John he gave some to her to cook and she said no.  And then the next morning she had it so then John ran to the phone and called 911. Jessica’s doctor said to John and the 4 kids  that Jessica will be lying in bed in 5 months until  she is well.

And Mr John and there 2  kids  replied by yelling  “OK, OK,OK YEAH ,YEAH that fine” and then the girl Named Mary Jane started crying. And well Mary Jane was crying Maxine got r
eally mad because he does not really love or like tears which is the same as crying. When he was yelling Mary Jane stop crying  and yelled at her dad John “COME ON,COME ON I really want to go home” and of they went home. When they got home John felt ashamed of himself and decided to cut them down so his wife Jessica can come home.

So then when it was past 5 months Jessica came by a taxi all the way home her children looked  very,and so much older ever since she had left to hospital. Her Husband  was so half mad and half happy and the reason why he was happy because he had finally saw his wife Jessica and also the reason why he was sad because he had to cut down all the beautiful and lovely plants and trees.

His wife Jessica was so glad , cause she had always hated and didn't love John her husband’s plants. When she went to go and lay down in her bed she was gone , Jessica was gone and John had to live and look after his 2 adult,  children  Mary Jane and also Maxine. And Well it was only John and the 2 adults, Children John Decided to plant all the plants all over again.

                            TO BE CONTINUED!!!!.

My Reading Work.

The Meaning of this word,udder is a thing that is under and on the cows stomachs and the farmer will need a cup to milk the milk out of the udders.
Herringbone Shed
A herringbone shed is where all the cow go to the shed so the dairy farmer can get the milk from their udder so they can have some milk.
A Paddock is when it is kind of like a farm but it has fences so the cows can stay inside the space of the fences so the cows will not run away.
milking hoses
A Milking hoses is where you grab the milk when to have finished getting the milk.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here Is My Question That I had To Answer In My Literacy Class.

  1. What is a ewe? Answer: A mother Sheep. What is the opposite of a ewe? Answer: Ram a Father Sheep.

  1. Why do the lambs get tired legs? Answer-Because The Mother Sheep Takes the twins for a walk and they have Trembly legs.  

  1. Why do the mother and her lambs need to learn to smell each other? Answer:  So when there is a flock sheep they will have to remember and know their mum is. Why do they need to recognize each other?Answer:Because they might go to a different mother and that is why they need to  recognize each other.
  1. What do you think the farmer is checking for  when he looks at them carefully?Answer: To make sure they are all right.

    The Answer's are coloured in blue.