Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ko Maui O Te Ra.

Here is my Movie About Ko Maui O Te Ra I have Created this on iMovie and Thanks To Mrs Garden,Jared,Miss Tuawai for helping me edit my Movie.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs-Cat And Her 4 Little Babies.

Once upon a time there lived a mother cat and she had 4 wonderful babies.One day mother cat went to the supermarket to buy some groceries,”do not open the door to anyone,

Because if you open it you all will get eaten by the big bad wolf.” mum gently said to her babies.”OK mum we won`t open it.” her babies said.”You know what mum I will kick the wolf in the leg.” said the littlest one.

There was the big bad wolf peeking from under the window and he heard everything that mummy cat said.So the next day mum went off to the supermarket and the 4 babies were playing there ordinary games that that uselessly do when mum`s gone.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door,KNOCK KNOCK!!. “Who's there”,the babies said. “Its me your mother,I forgot to give you your pocket money” the wolf said in a deep rough voice.

“Hey your not mother,mother has a voice like music and you're not mother you're the big bad wolf.” the children said angrily.

So the wolf went to a music and there the wolf saw a musician so he dashed off to where the musician was and told her

“Help me make my voice like a musical,and if you do not help me don't make me want to bite your beak off.” said the wolf. And the wolf went back and there was another knock on the door.

”Hello its me mother and I have a sweet music voice and you can see that I sound like mum don't I.” the wolf said a sweet as..... a nice person.

“Let us see your paw then”,so the wolf put his paw into the mail slot and the babies were disappointed”,”you're not mother for the 2nd time,hey mum had a white paw and you are not mother.”

And the littlest child got his little hammer and he swung his little tiny hammer and the wolf screamed “aaaaaaaaaa awwwwwwwwww that really hurt how could you” “Well you are pretending someone who you're not.”

And then when the wolf got banged on his paw he badged through the door and ate 3 of the children and when he was full ,he got some of mummy cats root beer and drank some and lay down on the wicket chair and slept through the whole day.

Mum came home with sweets and ice cream for the 4 children,and when she saw a big mess she was wondering where her babies were.

Then the little baby came out of his hiding place and said “mum he's here he ate all of them except me” cried the little baby,”and he`s in your chair with a full tummy.”

“What in my chair!” mum said.She rushed into the backyard and she went as fast as she could and she bumped into the wolf and all of her babies came out and they were all slimy and wet and they were crying. Mum kissed their nose and slapped them on the ears for opening the door to the wolf.    

And so they never opened the door to anyone again.AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. THE END.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Raping of Reading.

Here Is what me and Nikita have created on I Movie and this is our Raping that we have done with Miss Garden. It is quit Funny or not but the most thing is ENJOY WATCHING MY MOVIE!!!!.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

Lost On An Island.

Once Upon a time Me, and My Friends went to this beautiful Island named Hawaii. Their place had a lot of people and I just could not stand living in Hawaii . My Friends Danny,Sara and Ryan thought they had a nice and cool plane just to leave me here in Hawaii all alone. So then on the next day Ryan said to Danny to get Sara to get ready to scream so they can make me faint .

So Sara Screamed and then I fainted and fell to the ground, The reason I fainted Because I  was Afraid of Spiders,Snakes, and even  Green Dinosaurs ooh and by the way and also fish. And the reason why Sara screamed and yelled Spiders because When I first meet my 3 Friends we all had to tell what we were afraid of and I said Spiders,Snakes and also Green Dinosaurs.

So then My 3 Friends disappeared and went to another  Island which means back to the place where they came from. And Later on I woke up and  saw  nothing but grass.

My 3 Friends had just arrived to their own bed,Own house,and even own Family because the reason why the had left me on that Island because the wanted to go back and meet and stay with their own Parents and Family but because they had made new Parents and new Families.

So than I had struggled to find a way  back home in New -Zealand , and I have tried Planes,Trains,Bus but they were all full and the planes had just gone and the captain of the  plane named John said the Plane will be back in  3 weeks because their were lots of planes coming from all sorts of places like Chicago and Australia.

My 1 Friend  named Danny had just got home by bus and her Parents said “Hi Sweaty where is Mua” and Danny Replied “She’s um mm um gone fishing with her father” and then Danny’s Mum said “In the middle of the night oh  lord  look how crazy her father is” and Danny replied to her mother “huh Yeah right how crazy he is hahaha” and Danny laughed all the way to her bedroom.

Danny was so ashamed that her and her 2 friends Left me in Hawaii. Danny’s  dad just arrived from work and he works at a job where they make  breakfast,Cereals just like Rice Bubbles,Corn Flakes, and also Sweetbrier Danny’s dad had 5 boxes full of Cereals.

Her dad called her and said “Honey how was your day at Hawaii Ooh and by the way where are your 3 friends are still on their trip or something” and Danny replied back “Ha Yeah my 3 friends,they are gone to the movies”. Danny’s dad said to Danny that he will be going to the Movies and will say hi to Sara,Ryan and also me.

Danny ran to the door and blocked the way where dad was heading out. Danny’s dad said “Get out of the way” and Danny replied to her father “NO I AM NOT LETTING YOU GO OUT TO THE MOVIES” and Danny’s dad said “what is the matter and why are you yelling at me” and Danny said “Ooh I am sorry dad I just wasn’t Thinking” and Dad replied “No it is okay um so yeah when are you going to move out of my way”.

And Danny ran to her bedroom and got dressed in her colourful dress. Her dad said god by and of he went in his car driving of to the movies. Danny opened up her hi tower window and started finding a way out of the top roof of the tower. She Finally found a way out of the tower and jumped down in her hills and then she started screaming because her hills where dirty.

Danny’s dad got there just in time and the same time as Danny. She ran in where the ticket was and there was a horrid old man asking or 10 dollars for a ticket and Danny said she was the president of China and the old man said OK Miss you may enter Danny ran and acted like she was her 3 friends.

                                                TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!......

                                         Part 2 will come on NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

                                    AND THIS IS LOST ON AN ISLANDS  PART 1  !!!!!!!!



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Faboulous Spotted Egg.

Last Week Me and My Littracy Class had to make a Movie about the Faboulous Spotted Egg. And We had to put our names in a hat and pick whitch Partner do we get so then I pulled a name out and it was Liku's name and here is our Movie and Enjoy watching.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhum-lying Couplets.

                  A Couplet is an Lyric that has the same ending but sounds the same.

My favourite colour of my Pyjamas is red.
I love to sleep in my cosy  bed.

I wish and dreamed for a crown.
And soon or later I turned so brown.

I heard a giant saying THI,THU,THO, thump.
And an hour later it jumped.