Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Last Days Of School..

The thing that has been happening in the last days  of school is that there are some classes shifting into other Teachers classes. Next term I am so excited to shift into our new class on the field. The Builders that have built the class might of took like a whole term to built it. Mr Burt our principal of Pt England   School said that the builders will bust down room 16,17,18 and also room 15 and we will move in there.

And When we all heard all that good news we s
tarted getting excited. I cant wait till the holidays because I really want to spend time with my sister,Mum,and also my cousins and my brother. I miss every single thing in school but the thing I hate so much is to run around the school every morning and I hope every single person has a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

My Net-Book Reflection.

I enjoy having something to learn with in class and also at home the thing that makes me learn is my Netbook and when I am in class the Teacher Mr Marks tells us to go on the Learning Year 6 site. The Significant thing I have learnt all by myself was that in paragraph’s you need to put Speech marks in the spot where the speaking and yelling in.

What I have learned with my friends was to keep on trying even thou the work you do you still need to try to succeed in what you do. This year i have learn a lot of the internet and also Google. This Term and year I have learn to use the tamaki college library on our year 6 Site.  

I hope next year I will learn how to make better progress in maths, reading and writing. In the past few term’s I have learned to use Mine craft, and to solve multiplication and also division problems all by myself in class and also in and around School.

Monday, 16 December 2013

My Wordle Mix Up.

Here Is my Wordle that I have done in room 17 This a mix up all about Christmas I hope you enjoy reading it.

My Ryming Couplets Rap.

Here is my Ryming Couplets Rap that I have created on Imovie I have done this Raping all by my self and from a little help from Mr Marks and also my friend Nikita. Sit Back and Enjoy watching My Raping Couplets Rap.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Xtramath.

 Here Is my mark and my score from Xtramath. Last time my score was 86 but now it is 36. I am getting to know my maths just from Xtramath and also from learning from school in room 17. But I am getting to know all my Subtractions,Tables and also my Addition.