Saturday, 26 April 2014

2 Children Alone .

Once apon a time there lived 2 children and 2 parents . The 2 children was 1 girl and also 1 boy , The girls name was Liz and she was 15 years of age and the boys name is Mike and he is also 15 years of age . 7 years ago there parents had died in a car crash when they where on there way to a party in Sydney , there parents past the way when they where 8 years of age and right now they are 15 years of age . Liz and Mike had no caregiver , No money , no one to look after them , and no where to find food . One time Liz was crying for her Mum and Dad and Mike said "It's OK sis our parents are looking after us in heaven and I promise you this they will never take an eye of us" and Liz replied "Yeah I guess your right Mike " and as they where walking to find free food they saw a man walk past happy and joyful and Mike and Liz said to the random man "Hello um is it all right if we can have some money" and the man replied "Where is your parents" "An accident happened" replied Mike and Liz and the random man said "Ooh I'm sorry well sure why not " and the random man gave $100.00 to Mike and Liz and said "Look after yourself " . Then of Mike and Liz went all the way back home and when they got home Mike had just forgotten to buy something for dinner , Breakfast , and maybe afternoon tea.

All About Me And My Family .

Talofa Lava and my  name is Muamua Leuila and my nick name is Nikki Taua and I have 1 sister named Mary-Jane Leuila and I also have 1 brother named Master Max Antonio Leuila and 1 Mum and 1 Dad , my dad's name is Mautinoa Leuila and my mum's name  is Nofo Taifau Leuila my sister is 2 years of age and the school she attends is kindy-garden  . My brother Max is 13 years of age and he attends Tamaki College , as you know me I attend Pt-England School and I am 11 years of age. My family and I enjoy going for a walk any day but not on Sunday or Saturday . Sunday is when my family and I go to church and on Saturday we go to our Papa's house and have some fun . My little sister Mary-Jane is spoiled from my parents and my brother and I are spoiled from our Papa , the reason why my sister is spoiled from my parents is because she is the youngest child in the family . My parents think that when my sister Mary-Jane grows up she will be taller then me and my brother but my brother Max says "No Mua is" and that is the time where my little sister starts complaining about that she is gonna be taller . Once our Papa invited me and my brother to go to the pools in Rotator  called Waiwera , My Papa asked my parents if we where allowed to go and my mum said "No because then Mary-Jane won't go , and that is not fare" and luckley my dad was in charge of the family and said "No let Mua and Max go and Mary-Jane wil go do some Easter Egg shopping" and we all agreed with each other of our problem. When me and my brother Max arrived home my sister hid all of her Easter eggs and she never shared them until it was all done . One day Max asked Mary-Jane for some Easter Eggs and said "He sis can we have some" "NO Sorry al of the Easter Eggs are in my tummy now" replied Mary-Jane , Then later on 1 second they started complaining ............

A Rainy Day .

I looked outside my window and saw rain poring on houses , Fences , Cars . I stared at rain pouring as it rained harder and harder then it made the 3 trees fall to the ground right in the front of my house and it felt like there was a thunder going on in Auckland City . Little kids crying and screaming because they where soaking wet like a pile of dishes getting washed . At that moment the rain keeped on coming and going and the rain decided to never stop raining. When I looked outside my window again I saw a woman screaming "AHHHH Help me I am allergic to rain" and other people driving past they will start cracking but 1 person finally cared about her pulled up and told her to jump in the car and asked her "Hey where do you want me to take you " and the woman replied "Um can you please take me home " and the driver said "Where do you live" and the woman replied and said "Just in Tanzanian street" and when the driver finished dropping her of he had to go all the way back home .

Holiday Information .

"YEAH H" Holidays . Holidays is when you can take a break on school days like Christmas , Labour Day , Maybe Easter Day , ANZAC Day..... and many many more . Holidays is one of my favourite thing the whole wide world and also not to miss out Easter Day . Taking my Net-Book home is a great pleasure because if you blog lots of things on your blog you get a reward from Mrs Burt . My teacher and my class mates enjoy holidays and maybe the whole school.

                                        HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

My Dream At Night .

The sky is grey and the clouds was dark and looked like a tornado coming to hit Auckland . My eyes was shaking like an earthquake as I bit my teeth together an held my pants really tight that I could not even move a mussle. A house busted down a child crying made me want to wreck the whole world , But at that moment a tenny tiny tornado was growing bigger and bigger. The tornado hit the sky tower and fell fast like a spedding cheetah , but when I stared at the tower my eyes saw the tower fall in slow motion I shaked harder and harder as I walked a 1 meter step , I walked step by step pretending not to care about the tornado . I finally made it home and geuss what ? it was gone like it was invesible and I had no where else to live . I lived in the junk with pieces of glad wrap , Bottles , Cans , Packets of chips and biscuts , An apple coor with a snail inside9 . I slept untill I was dreaming , I fell asleep and in my dream I dreamed about the sam thing that had happend to me today about the tornado and all of a sudded all you could hear is "BOOOOOMMMMM" towers and bridges , glass hittedd and fell on human beens and the humans died in burred dead in towers and brides and glass . I woke up and that dream I had at that night it had happen in real life I screamed "AHHHHHH HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME", she burst in tears and yelled in her mind louder then anyone else and she finally saw a homeless woman , and asked her "Hey what has happend" "Uum duaa an tornado" replied the homeless woman , all of a sudden they both heard a scream "AHHHHHHHHH"............. TO BE CONTUINED................

PART 2 COMING 5th OF MAY.......

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Maths Problem 2.

Here is my Maths Problem and when I have seen it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it , it was easy then I tried it on and on in my Maths Book , Hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

My Maths Problem.

Here is my Maths Problem and when I have seen it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it , it was easy then I tried it on and on in my Maths Book , Hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

A Few Thing's About Myself That Nobody Knows About?

                          A Few Thing's About Myself That Nobody Knows About?
 Knowing a few things about others is really cool because then you can know a few things about them or even their family' as well . To me I love to listien to people talking about their family information and also a few things that is really weird and also cool or even sad. But once my friend Mao had told me about her nana and it was really funny . But right now I am also telling a few things about me and my family. (Here are list of things that No One knows about)

My Aunty On my mum's side is alergic to healthy food.
I never go to sleep , Leave to school , go for a walk untill I have ate some chocolate .
My little baby cousin on my mum's side has cancer and he is 1 month old.

(And those are some things about me that no one knows about me.)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Multiplication Wheels.

Here is what I have created on presentation and it is called Multiplication Wheels. When I have first tried it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it was easy then I thought . And I also hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

Multiplication Wheels.

Here is what I have created on presentation and it is called Multiplication Wheels. When I have first tried it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it was easy then I thought . And I also hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Multiplication Wheels.

Here is what I have created on presentation and it is called Multiplication Wheels. When I have first tried it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it was easy then I thought . And I also hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

Multiplication Wheels.

Here is what I have created on presentation and it is called Multiplication Wheels. When I have first tried it I thought it would be hard but when I have tried it was easy then I thought . And I also hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work.

Multiplication Wheels .

Here is what I have created on a presentation and it is called Multiplication Wheels and when I have saw it I thought it will be hard but when I have tried it it was easy then I thought . Hop you enjoy reading my Multiplication Wheels.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Into The Book.

Into the book is when you can find out about famous people like Summarizing ,  Using strategies together , Inferring , Eva luting , Making Connecting s , Prior Knowledge , And also telling us what is important and those kinds of things to find out about.

(Here is a link to Into The Book for you to try it out .)

Popplet - Hate.

Here is what I have created on a Popplet and the word I had to find  was the word Hate. A Popplet is when you need to figure out other words as Hate like Dislike , Nasty Look , Bother , Mislike those kinds of words . (Here is my Popplet .)

(Here is a link to the Popplet for you to try out )

Mihi And Karakia.

Learning the Karakia and Mhih helps  me learn about the Maori pray when ever we start class. Because when we start our learning in class our teacher Miss Clark picks anyone in the class to start the pray and I will always put up my hand to do the Mihi or even the Karakia but most of the times I do the Karakia because I only know the last lines in the Mihi but when I have learned the Mihi I started to say it of by heart. (Here is me  doing the Karakia and the Mihi of the Lyrics.)

Karakia :

E nui tatou ki nga hau o nga rangi mai tawiti
E rere iho nei ki to  moana
Kawea nei i o matou whakaaro
Hei whetu marama
Mo nga mah kei te whai mai
Kokiri toko haera I te ao e , I te ao e . Amen

English :

To the prevaliling winds which sends from afar
Towards a coasteal tide
Carry with you our inner thoughts
Imprint them among the heavens , as a guiding
for the tasks aheaad
to strengthen my journey
Each day , each day Amen

Mihi :

He mihi whanui tenei kia tatou katoa
kia koe te rangitira e Muamua tena koe mo to mahi whakamoemiti ki to tautou
matua i te rangi
He mihi aroha tenei ki a koe Miss Clark
tena koe .
Ka huri au ki nga tauira , Kia ora koutou katoa No reira tena koutou , tena koutou , Tena ra koutou katoa. Amen

English :

 This is a greeting to all of you here
to you the leader Muamua greetins to you
for your work starting the prayerto our
heavenly father this is a greetings to you
I now turn to the students , Hi everyone

Therefore greetings once greetings twice , greetings again to us all. Amen

Friday, 4 April 2014

My Favourite Highlight Of This Term.

Hi my name is Muamua  Leuila and I am here to tell you about What My Favourite Highlight This Term , And What is your favourite highlight this term ? here is my favourite highlight , My favourite highlight is when we all had to go to the Pt-England Reserve and had a picnic with our whole school . Having a picnic with your school is really cool because when you leave you might not be happy when you have not fun with your whole school and enjoy the time , and having a picnic is really cool so that you can hangout with some other friends. Mr Burt our principal was the first person to decide if we can go or not , and the reason he might think that we might not go is when we all need to finish our work of propylene by publishing all your work but when Mr Burt has finished talking to the teachers about if we can have a picnic or not and they have all decided yes but on a Friday .

The reason why the teachers had picked the day Friday because all of the children will be dirty and then we would not have any cloths to wear on school days and plus Friday is the last day of the week. When it was on a Friday at assembly all of the children in my class was wondering which day will we have our picnic and when assembly had all ready started ,  Mr Burt said "Hello Pt-England I know all you children are wondering which day our Picnic is and it is next Friday . And everyone in the school was happy and I said "Yeah that is a cool day". On the next week it was Friday and we all had to walk to reserve at the Pt-England beach and it maybe took like an hour to walk there and when we have go there I was really tired and subleased  and I couldn't even move a mussel. So later on I had a 5 minuet rest and ran to play softball .

I was bored because they weren't even playing the game and then I had left to play at the little park , when I was playing it felt like I was a little kid so I ran to where my bag was and sleep for another 1 hour under the tree . When I was awake I had heard that Mr Jacobson had called everyone to come and sit in their  rows of classes and when we where done we had to walk all the way back to school and when my mum came to drop me of home I was to tired to walk but luckley my mum came in my Papa's car and when I had jumped into the car I slept for a long long time. I felt something licking my face and when I had woken up my Papa's dog named Demo was licking my lovely face and when I have looked in the mirror my face looked like it was rotten corn beef .

Having A New Teacher.

Having a new teacher is really cool because when they have frist started their lesson at Pt-England they will get to know how good and respectful students and  we are at Pt-England School by showing respect and not having to get into trouble. My new tes term , Term 1 2014 . Miss Clark is a great teacher and wonderful because when she smiles she looks beatifull and she will always do what is right for her self and also her class students in class 3 . I belive that Miss Clark is rom Ta Bet and I think from Aisa . Miss Clark has a little brother named Liam that is in Australlia right at this moment . In Class 3 there are ovely students in Miss Clarks class and those studens are the quiet ones , The one that listin's carefully , And the 1 that is sitting up straight , anzd also the ones that work quietly .  the morning she calls out the role and then we need to sing the Honore song and when she sings it sounds like a solo playinf and butterflyes flying around her head because her voice sounds much better then Lord but I got to say everyone's voices sound good and nice . And that is what I like about my teacher Miss Clark.\

Thursday, 3 April 2014

W.A.L.T : To Use Multiplication And Division To Solve Problems

Here is what I have created on Presentation and It is called W.A.L.T : To Use Multiplication And Division To Solve Problems and when I have first tried it I thought I could not even finish it but when I have tried it was easy so I hope you enjoy reading my Maths Work .

This Is Muamua Leuila Signing Out.

Why Is the Moon Upside Down.

After reading the text and the diagrams, what does the information tell us? The Information in the story tells us about why is the moon upside down

Text - What does the text tell us?  Summarise Niko and his friend had been friends ever since they were little kids in kindy . Their families lived right next door and they often stay at each others place , And when they have grew up Niko’s mother had offered a job in Japan and they had to move to Japan. It was so sad that their friends had got separated and the first day they left NIko never wrote or even mail back , But on the next day he had got an email from Niko and he said He bestie there's something wrong  with the moon and it looks weird and it is upside down.  And when ever I stand outside the shadows are on the wrong way around , Rona’s upside down so as the nigao tree in the story Rona’s is not standing on her head that will make her even angrier at the moon. At school , I told Sam what Niko had said about Rona being upside down Sam said that his parents had told him the Samoan legend of Sina in the moon . He said he did not think that Sina would take so kindly to watching us upside down either . She’d get a headache. Sam then replied “In science we need to  talk about the Northern and the Southern Hemisphere .Then  I had thought if it was  something to do with Niko ,for  being in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere? Than Sam had mailed and said “I’ve got an Idea ” And I said to Sam“What if Niko and I take some photos with our cameras of the moon and we will send that to each other to see what is wrong with the moon by taking photos ? Then we can put them together and have a look to see what the difference with those photos”. “What do you think?” “Good Idea.” replied Niko ,  Niko and I have decided to take photos every Friday night for a month then send them to each other Sam said that he would help me . This did not work well through because their cameras did not zoom in to close and the pictures were too small to tell what the moon looked like . So then they said to each other on email that the camera would not zoom in and the pictures were too small and they had figure out another plane which what the moon looked like and then take a picture of what they had drawn and that plane had made a great Idea.

What do the diagrams tell ? The diagrams tell that the Northern Hemisphere is at the top and the Southern Hemisphere  is at the bottom so when the sun moves the sun goes around the 2 Hemisphere so that they can have a turn by having a sunny day

All About Me In School.

Hi every one and my  name is Muamua Nikki Taua Leuila and I am a year 7 student at Pt-England School and also with a lovely teacher named Miss Clark . Miss Clark is a new teacher at Pt-England School I know very much about her because she is from Ta bet . I may think that Miss Clark is Asian ,  and I love the colour of her eyes and also the way she dresses . Miss Clark has many lovely students in her class just like me  . One time I have up steed her up and when the year begins he had started to believe me in what I have done wrong at that moment . Miss Clark is the best teacher I have ever meet and very like Miss King . Miss King has a lovely daughter named Mariaka . Marika does not like anyone else but her mum Miss King . Mariaka sometimes hangs out with my friend Htawara and also Efelona . Those are the only 2 favourite  teachers that I love and like about . Miss King use to teach me in Room 13 and right now I am in Miss Clark's class at that moment Class 3 .

Turning a year 7 is a great opportunity for me and my lovely new teacher . Being a year 7 is a great pleasure to go upper in my learning so that I get to understand every question that a teacher had asked me in class time , learning time . Learning at school is really cool and also exciting , When I am of school I get really angry because i really hate to stay home when I am sick. On the next day I am very happy and glad to be back to school . And I hope you will also enjoy your year at your school learning and asking question to other people.

This Is Muamua Leuila Signing Out.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What Does Empathy Means To Me.

Hi my name is Muamua Leuila and I am a year 7 student at Pt-England School , I have a lovely teacher and her name is Miss Clark . I have worked all night and all day to figure out what Empathy means to me. What Does Empathy Mean To You ? , This is what empathy means to me . Empathy is a great opportunity by helping and sharing with and to others . By showing empathy you need to take charge and to also be respectful to others and yourself . Empathy is a way to help you in your learning in class time and it is also most important to show it every where you go and where you stand every second , Hour , and also Minuets . When I get older I hope I will be respectful to others by sharing and helping and to also have faith in other people's hearts and soul by respecting other people. (And that is what Empathy means to me. )

(Here Is Another Paragraph Of What Empathy Means To Me.)

Empathy means looking after others if they are felling down or sad . To show empathy you do not do it you show it because when my fiend was crying I said to her "Hey are you OK " and my friend replied"yes" and she showed me the bully that made her cry and I yelled "Hey can you please say sorry to her please because you have hurted her feelings and now she is crying" and the bully said "Well OK then I am sorry for hurting your feelings and I promise I will not do it again" and my friend agreed with the bully and they where friends again and then the bully never bullied anyone else because he knows that he will get into big trouble. ( And that is another way what empathy means to me. )

Here Are A List Of Things About What Other Words Does Empathy Mean.

Sharing : Sharing is when you see someone hungry and they do not have any lunch then you could say to them "Hey are you hungry" and if the person reply's back and says "Yes" then you could give your food that you do not want to eat to give to the person that is hungry. (And that is what Sharing means to me.)

Helping : Helping is when you see your partner next to you struggling in their work and you could maybe say "Hey do you need help" and if the person that is stuck on their work reply's "Yes" then you could give information about the straggly that they  stuck on. (And that is what helping means to me.)

Encourage : Encourage is when you give hope or confidence to the team was Encourage by the shouts and applause. (And that is what encourage means to me.)

Faith : Faith is when you see someone's hearts broken like they feel lonely and sad that they had a friendship break up you could maybe be their friend until their beasties changes their mind that they want to be beasties back together like help them and care for them and then that child will know how much you know about their heart that they want to be beasties and they will know that they now have faith and their soul are together forever in school times for beasties. (And that is what faith means to me.)

Caring : Caring is when you care for someone like you beasties when they are felling sad and also lonely then you could maybe care and play with them util it is home time and say good things like "Hi beasties how are you" or maybe "Hey are you hungry you can have some of my lunch" like those kinds of nice words to treat others but mostly your beasties. (And that is what caring means to me.)

Support : Support is when you go out there and play games to support your school and win most of the medals and things like that and support your family and friends . To support your family you need to support them if they are having a fight and tell them of so they do not get into any trouble. (And that is what support means to me.)

Love : Love is when you love someone so much like your sister or your mum then you could take them out for dinner or even somewhere like a restaurant or maybe rainbow's end. Then you could tell them how much you love or like them and you can maybe give them a present like some new shoes , Laptop , Phone , or even a flat screen T.V. (And that is love means to me.)

Respect : Respect is when you can respect others and mostly new visitors and teachers . Respecting visitors is the most coolest thing ever because when they ask you what you have been doing in the past few weeks and if you tell them you where focusing on your reading then they might say 'Really that is cool maybe your school is the best school ever" and maybe you can respect teachers by never getting told of and they might give you a award.

Protection :  Protection is when you need to keep every stranger away from them but if it is your family and friend then It will be OK. To protect your friends you should stay with them the whole time if they love to have fight so if they get into a fight you can protect them by keeping them away from the person they hate. (And that is what protection means to me.)

Partnership : Partnership is like when 2 people owns a business like 2 brothers and they work as a partner by help and sharing a tool if there is only 1 tool. (And that is what partnership means to me.)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Going To Rainbow 's End

On Saturday Me and My Brother , Mum , Dad and also My Little Sister went on a trip to Rainbow End. My Sister Mary-Jane wanted me and her to go on the Rolar-Coaster. She begged me and I said "NO" so then Mary-Jane my sister ran to my mum and dad and told on me and said "Mum Mua Wouldn't let me go on the Rolar Coaster " and my mum replied "No my baby girl you are to small to go on the Rolar Coaster" and I ran to the Ice-Cream shop and brought her an Ice-Cream , Then I yelled to  Mary-Jane to come and then she ran to me. I gave her the Ice-Cream and then my brother came and begged for some money so he can have some Ice-Cream and then i gave him $10.00 from my saving's in my wallet and he brought 3 Ice-Creams for himself , My mum , and also my dad. Later on we all enjoyed our day at Rainbow End.