Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Going To The Beach.

Going for a swim at the beach, my family and I were hoping for a fun day.

Me and my brother Max begged my parents to be allowed to go and play in the sand. My mum replied “No you can not play in the sand just go for a swim” she said.

So then my brother Max and I went to my dad and asked him if we could go to the park and he said “What are you talking about? It’s your day, so yes you may”  ”Thank you dad” My brother and me said Excitedly to my dad.

As my brother raced me there to the park he quickly  went to the monkey  bars but he didn't  know that it was wet so he went on climbing and then he fell of and fell on the ground. I ran as fast as I could  and I yelled at  my brother “Max are you ok stay here I will run and get mum to help”.  “Hurry my back is hurting” Max replied.

So then I ran to my mum and I told her that Max was hurt at the park she got really angry and said “Why is he hurt? See I told you guys not to go to the park. That’s what you get” “Ok mum I’m sorry look at Max he’s in pain right now” I replied. When my mum got there to Max  my mum she was  shocked and she had to take him to the hospital. Then I had to go back home with my dad. I said “ Bye Max I will come and visit you sometime tomorrow”.  

Friday, 19 October 2012

Trick Or Treat.

On Halloween day there were two brothers dressed in costumes for halloween. The two brothers were   fighting over a bucket full of lollies.The older brother said to his little brother “Let go you stupid little egg’’ “No you let go you selfish ugly clown” replied the little brother while snatching the bucket full of lollies. The big brother said to the little brother "let go of the bucket man" and the little brother replied "nah you bulgy clown make me

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Tsunami.

Ben is 8 years old he is a kind and lovely boy. He lives with his nana and her name is Granny Jojo, she is a grumpy mean old bully bag woman.

“Tsunami’’ “Tsunami”, “Tsunami”!!!!! Yelled  Ben the one morning while listening to the radio. “it's heading right for New York” “Ahhh” screamed his grumpy nana. People could hear them on the other side of the road.

Granny Jojo said “stop scaring people with this nonsense of yours” “But Granny Jojo” said Ben with puppy eyes  “NO not another word” replied Granny Jojo. The next thing they both heard were people on the streets below shouting “Here it comes. The tsunami”.

Looking at the drive way there was a flood caused by the tsunami.As Ben walked past to see what happened from the tsunami he was surpised to see all the other neighbours having fun.Joining in with the fun Ben diceded to stand on some bricks ready to jump off.
He jumped in the air with his arms up and his legs holding tight together.SPLASHH!!!!!   His arm had broken.

When Granny  pulled up Ben she quickly check and see If he was ok Granny  said “wake up Ben don’t you make me panic like that again.” When Ben woke up he found out he was in the hospital. “Mmmm Granny is that you?” said Ben “yes it is my sweet little angel” replied Granny. So Granny and BEN went home