Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island.

Next week I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island. As I am looking forward to the year 6 camp room 16,17,18 all ready know what activities we are doing at Kawau Island. The things that we are doing is Kayaking,Swimming,Rock Climbing,Fishing,Sports,Walking and all those sorts of activities. The very exciting thing and the thing that I am looking forward to is going swimming and even  Rock Climbing.

And the reason why I am so excited about those Activities because when you go swimming you are allowed to jump of the cliff and when other people go  rock climbing they need to go up the rock climbing but we need to climb down. The chief Mr Coop will be cooking us dinner and also deserts but the most thing of all you have got to eat your own afternoon lunch. And sometimes when we have good times we would need to go for a walk but the only thing you need to bring with you is a water bottle,and also your pack lunch.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper.

Once Upon a time I went for a lovely walk into a forest  where there was nice and beautiful flowers with sparkly and shiny things on it. It was covered with colourful strips and as I was walking I  saw with my own eyes that there was a tree house.

With stairs and in the front of the stairs was some ugly looking Pumpkin that was meant to be for Halloween. When I just stopped by to see what it was I heard a whisper and when I heard somebody whispering I knocked on their door but no one Answered . But then I knocked on the door a few times and still. No one opened the door.

So then just a few hours later it came again the whisper and when I was listening I started running away and carried on walking. When I was busy walking I started to hide beneath the tall and spikey trees in the forest and when I was hiding I hid for a few Seconds. And when I was hiding beneath the trees I saw the door of the tree house open automatically. When I ran to the door I saw a pretty looking woman but she was wearing all white cloths and even her skin was white.

And when I saw her eyes they were bright light blue and half green and when I walked up closer she started screaming really loud and I felt like my ears where going to explode. And well the human bean,Pretty woman was continuing screaming I yelled at her and said “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU”. And she said in a quiet voice “Ooh I'm sorry I didn't mean to pop your ears out” and I started to crack up laughing.

And she said “U mm hi my name is Elizabeth what is your name” and I replied “Acquired” and  Elizabeth said “What does that mean” and I said “OK never mind lets just do on the part how we where  introducing ourselves. And Elizabeth said “OK sure if you want” and I said “OK hi my name is Mary-Jane....  and when I was still talking Elizabeth interrupted me and she started screaming again.

But then  when I walked outside to get some fresh air Elizabeth was screaming Louder and Louder. So when I walked back inside Elizabeth said something quiet but I did not hear her and then she said “I don't like light and that was the reason why I was whispering because I hate light” and then I comfort her and walked her slowly outside and when we made it outside she started to say Hooray like a thousand times and I felt like she said that all my life and then she came and hugged me and said “BFF’S FOR EVER”.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Private Jet.

Once upon a time there lived 2 adults with 2 children which were twins and there names were Mary Jane which was the daughter and the son was named as Max. Mary Jane and Max Was the same age 12  there birthday was on the 10th Of march. There Father Johnny  was an handsome looking man but was very rich and famous because he had worked in a sky tower . Johnny's Wife Sally had worked  in a restaurant all by herself but with her boss Mike and they where all the Jones family Mary Jane,Max,Shelly and also Johnny.

There Father Johnny had just got a phone call from this different kind of man which was a stranger and when Johnny answered the phone Johnny said “Hello This is Johnny Speaking” and The stranger Replied “Oh Yes good Morning Johnny” and Johnny said “U mm Hello But may I just grab your name” And The stranger said “Ha would you like to grab my name my name is Jack and I am a Pilot in a private jet and you have offered a trip to new York” said the stranger and Johnny said to all his family to hurry up and pack there bags.

And when they were done packing they were all excited and when Johnny went to go and have a look outside all of a sudden there was a taxi. And they all just jumped in without saying anything like hello because the couldn't wait to go all the way to New York. Like an hour later they were there already to the Air Port. They saw a Plane coming by to the Parker plane and they were screaming like crazy.

When the caller called for the people that is going to New York they rushed in the line where they have to take there tickets and when they saw the plane the where running in the plane on the stairs they all tipped over and the passengers where looking and we're starting to laugh and also crack up. They Just Standee up and acted like they were fine and OK but then there were hurtled like hell.

When They got up they sat down and putted their suitcases in the cardboard and sat there like maroons. When the plane started they started to fall asleep. When they were all asleep  the private Jet Pilot was walking and stomping the rest of the passengers were scared and freaked out and all of a sudden the Pilot Jack walked in the front of Johnny and as soon as Jack touched Everyone in the plane where screaming and shouting Ahhhhhh help me  and when the Jason Family woke up they said what was wrong they all shout Snakes and then the they were all running around like babies crying for there mummies.

The Pilot Jack ran in were the other driver and they tried to control and all of a sudden the private jet crashed and the Jones family had all past the way.

                                            To Be Continued.!!!