Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Favourite Teacher.

My Favourite Teacher is Helen King she was my favourite because I love the way she comes to school and she has a beautiful voice but the thing is she gives Room 13 2012 free time whenever we all finish of all our work just  like our writing or even our follow up activity. Miss King is awesome and really cool but If she is your Teacher I think that you will be very proud that you might get famous because Miss King makes Movies about loving each other or even welcoming some visitors from other places and that's why she is my Favourite Teacher.

Running Early in The Morning.

Running early In the morning Room 16,17,18 always have to go for a run around the whole school but when I run me and my friend Rave have lots of energy to come 1st place or maybe 2nd place. But I sometimes wait for my BFF Nikita so we can run together but when she gets tired we stop and have a little rest. But when Nikita see’s a  teacher she will sprint to the front and run the whole way without stopping.

When we got to the breeze Mrs Garden said “well done girls” you can go back to class and get your lunch and enjoy your play and when we came back to class we had a race outside and Nikita came 1st place and I came 2nd and when we ran I tripped over and hurted my leg and Nikita ran and got me a plaster and I said thank you BFF.

Thank you Rave for editing My work.

School Camp Fun.

WHAT TO BRING WHEN GOING CAMP?   Togs and a towel, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, Toothpaste , A mug, A plate , and a spoon.

chose 5 words for the story that was new/interesting/difficult? foursies,Siobhan,delicious,squashes,Marshmallow.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

FiaFia Performance.

On the 18th of April Pt England is celebrating its 60th Anniversary  and our school is having a Fiafia night for it. For our performances we have  Culture , singing , Hip Hop  and even more. I am in the Samoan group and my tutor’s are Mrs Tele’s and Timmy .

They are great dancers and awesome teachers. I am thinking that when we perform our dance they will be proud of us and we will make them feel  happy or even safe. Mrs Tele’s is making our dance really hard so that we don’t get anything wrong in our practice.

Waiting for the day to perform I am so excited to dance in front of every group of FiaFia. I hope that when I perform my parents will be there and will  smile at all  our hard work  that we practice every  day on thursday’s and Wednesday  I am hoping that I don’t get anything wrong on me Samoan group dance otherwise no one will like the Samoan group.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Mua's Frog Adventure.

Frog Adventure

1. Create an acrostic poem for the words HIGHGATE (using one keyword for each letter).
- For each word write a small sentence why you chose this word, e.g. H - Holidays: with Nana and Pop pa every holiday.

2. What kinds of animals and plants live on the farm? Sheep,Horse,Cows and the plants Flasks.

3. What is the English for Rapou? A pond or some Flasks.

4. Pretend that you are one of the children having a holiday with Nana and Poppa.
- Write a letter back to your parents about your holiday with Nana and Poppa.
- Write a diary entry about your day at the pond, at the bottom of the park.

3. On page 26, why do you think the word MUCH is written in capital letters? MUCH harder to catch.

5. Why are the frogs harder to catch?  Because the frogs a slippery it can  slip out of your hands when you touch them.

6. List at least 10 verbs from the story. Remember that verbs are ACTION words and help describe what someone is doing. ,Rapou ,paddocks ,Orchard ,Tadpoles ,Dozens ,Sludgy mud,A short tail,Ponds,Competition, Highgate Farm.  

7. Fill in the table below

Word List
Opposites - find words from the story
In Front

8. Choose 5 of your verbs from above and put them into sentences about adventures. filling up my bucket with water it was empty.My parents were waiting for me it fill up the bucket but I was at the back and they were in the front. Me and my parents had different buckets to fill up the water but my mum and dad was up the hill and I was down the hill.

9. Choose one sentence from above and illustrate this adventure using Tux paint. (Remember to insert your picture below)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Camp Consent The Op Stars.

Hi my name is Mua and this is my camp movie that we did on camp consent and I am in Op Stars and this is my group dance please enjoy watching my movie.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pirate Story.

Ahoy ‘me mateys! My name is Alex and I am 35 years old. I have always wanted to be a pirate and even wanted to steal gold and complete a robbery. I am in a big giant boat sailing in the blue sea. As I was sailing I saw a giant boat and it was getting closer and closer. Suddenly I realised that it was covered in a bright shining glow. What could it be I asked myself? It must be GOLD!!

When I saw the shining gold I was just about to faint. The boat went past and he said, “Hello, my name is ?”  “Oh, hi my name is Steve,” he replied. Searching for gold I saw the man and jumped in his ship and took all his gold and quickly threw them over my big giant ship and tied him to the pole on the edge of the flag and off I went driving my ship far far away.

I was so relieved that I finally have gold and felt so reach and so proud of myself I am hoping I will come again and probably steal forever in my life.

My Presentation About Camp.

            My   Presentation  About Camp  Enjoy watching my movie.