Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Last Days Of School..

The thing that has been happening in the last days  of school is that there are some classes shifting into other Teachers classes. Next term I am so excited to shift into our new class on the field. The Builders that have built the class might of took like a whole term to built it. Mr Burt our principal of Pt England   School said that the builders will bust down room 16,17,18 and also room 15 and we will move in there.

And When we all heard all that good news we s
tarted getting excited. I cant wait till the holidays because I really want to spend time with my sister,Mum,and also my cousins and my brother. I miss every single thing in school but the thing I hate so much is to run around the school every morning and I hope every single person has a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

My Net-Book Reflection.

I enjoy having something to learn with in class and also at home the thing that makes me learn is my Netbook and when I am in class the Teacher Mr Marks tells us to go on the Learning Year 6 site. The Significant thing I have learnt all by myself was that in paragraph’s you need to put Speech marks in the spot where the speaking and yelling in.

What I have learned with my friends was to keep on trying even thou the work you do you still need to try to succeed in what you do. This year i have learn a lot of the internet and also Google. This Term and year I have learn to use the tamaki college library on our year 6 Site.  

I hope next year I will learn how to make better progress in maths, reading and writing. In the past few term’s I have learned to use Mine craft, and to solve multiplication and also division problems all by myself in class and also in and around School.

Monday, 16 December 2013

My Wordle Mix Up.

Here Is my Wordle that I have done in room 17 This a mix up all about Christmas I hope you enjoy reading it.

My Ryming Couplets Rap.

Here is my Ryming Couplets Rap that I have created on Imovie I have done this Raping all by my self and from a little help from Mr Marks and also my friend Nikita. Sit Back and Enjoy watching My Raping Couplets Rap.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Xtramath.

 Here Is my mark and my score from Xtramath. Last time my score was 86 but now it is 36. I am getting to know my maths just from Xtramath and also from learning from school in room 17. But I am getting to know all my Subtractions,Tables and also my Addition.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island.

Next week I can’t wait to go to Kawau Island. As I am looking forward to the year 6 camp room 16,17,18 all ready know what activities we are doing at Kawau Island. The things that we are doing is Kayaking,Swimming,Rock Climbing,Fishing,Sports,Walking and all those sorts of activities. The very exciting thing and the thing that I am looking forward to is going swimming and even  Rock Climbing.

And the reason why I am so excited about those Activities because when you go swimming you are allowed to jump of the cliff and when other people go  rock climbing they need to go up the rock climbing but we need to climb down. The chief Mr Coop will be cooking us dinner and also deserts but the most thing of all you have got to eat your own afternoon lunch. And sometimes when we have good times we would need to go for a walk but the only thing you need to bring with you is a water bottle,and also your pack lunch.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper.

Once Upon a time I went for a lovely walk into a forest  where there was nice and beautiful flowers with sparkly and shiny things on it. It was covered with colourful strips and as I was walking I  saw with my own eyes that there was a tree house.

With stairs and in the front of the stairs was some ugly looking Pumpkin that was meant to be for Halloween. When I just stopped by to see what it was I heard a whisper and when I heard somebody whispering I knocked on their door but no one Answered . But then I knocked on the door a few times and still. No one opened the door.

So then just a few hours later it came again the whisper and when I was listening I started running away and carried on walking. When I was busy walking I started to hide beneath the tall and spikey trees in the forest and when I was hiding I hid for a few Seconds. And when I was hiding beneath the trees I saw the door of the tree house open automatically. When I ran to the door I saw a pretty looking woman but she was wearing all white cloths and even her skin was white.

And when I saw her eyes they were bright light blue and half green and when I walked up closer she started screaming really loud and I felt like my ears where going to explode. And well the human bean,Pretty woman was continuing screaming I yelled at her and said “WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU”. And she said in a quiet voice “Ooh I'm sorry I didn't mean to pop your ears out” and I started to crack up laughing.

And she said “U mm hi my name is Elizabeth what is your name” and I replied “Acquired” and  Elizabeth said “What does that mean” and I said “OK never mind lets just do on the part how we where  introducing ourselves. And Elizabeth said “OK sure if you want” and I said “OK hi my name is Mary-Jane....  and when I was still talking Elizabeth interrupted me and she started screaming again.

But then  when I walked outside to get some fresh air Elizabeth was screaming Louder and Louder. So when I walked back inside Elizabeth said something quiet but I did not hear her and then she said “I don't like light and that was the reason why I was whispering because I hate light” and then I comfort her and walked her slowly outside and when we made it outside she started to say Hooray like a thousand times and I felt like she said that all my life and then she came and hugged me and said “BFF’S FOR EVER”.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Private Jet.

Once upon a time there lived 2 adults with 2 children which were twins and there names were Mary Jane which was the daughter and the son was named as Max. Mary Jane and Max Was the same age 12  there birthday was on the 10th Of march. There Father Johnny  was an handsome looking man but was very rich and famous because he had worked in a sky tower . Johnny's Wife Sally had worked  in a restaurant all by herself but with her boss Mike and they where all the Jones family Mary Jane,Max,Shelly and also Johnny.

There Father Johnny had just got a phone call from this different kind of man which was a stranger and when Johnny answered the phone Johnny said “Hello This is Johnny Speaking” and The stranger Replied “Oh Yes good Morning Johnny” and Johnny said “U mm Hello But may I just grab your name” And The stranger said “Ha would you like to grab my name my name is Jack and I am a Pilot in a private jet and you have offered a trip to new York” said the stranger and Johnny said to all his family to hurry up and pack there bags.

And when they were done packing they were all excited and when Johnny went to go and have a look outside all of a sudden there was a taxi. And they all just jumped in without saying anything like hello because the couldn't wait to go all the way to New York. Like an hour later they were there already to the Air Port. They saw a Plane coming by to the Parker plane and they were screaming like crazy.

When the caller called for the people that is going to New York they rushed in the line where they have to take there tickets and when they saw the plane the where running in the plane on the stairs they all tipped over and the passengers where looking and we're starting to laugh and also crack up. They Just Standee up and acted like they were fine and OK but then there were hurtled like hell.

When They got up they sat down and putted their suitcases in the cardboard and sat there like maroons. When the plane started they started to fall asleep. When they were all asleep  the private Jet Pilot was walking and stomping the rest of the passengers were scared and freaked out and all of a sudden the Pilot Jack walked in the front of Johnny and as soon as Jack touched Everyone in the plane where screaming and shouting Ahhhhhh help me  and when the Jason Family woke up they said what was wrong they all shout Snakes and then the they were all running around like babies crying for there mummies.

The Pilot Jack ran in were the other driver and they tried to control and all of a sudden the private jet crashed and the Jones family had all past the way.

                                            To Be Continued.!!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Narrative Story.

Once There lived an old and lovely woman named Jessica and also her husband named John. They lived with there  2 children  there was 1 girl and 1 boy.The name of the boy is Maxine and the girl was Mary Jane.  There mum was sent to hospital because she had disease by her husband John he gave some to her to cook and she said no.  And then the next morning she had it so then John ran to the phone and called 911. Jessica’s doctor said to John and the 4 kids  that Jessica will be lying in bed in 5 months until  she is well.

And Mr John and there 2  kids  replied by yelling  “OK, OK,OK YEAH ,YEAH that fine” and then the girl Named Mary Jane started crying. And well Mary Jane was crying Maxine got r
eally mad because he does not really love or like tears which is the same as crying. When he was yelling Mary Jane stop crying  and yelled at her dad John “COME ON,COME ON I really want to go home” and of they went home. When they got home John felt ashamed of himself and decided to cut them down so his wife Jessica can come home.

So then when it was past 5 months Jessica came by a taxi all the way home her children looked  very,and so much older ever since she had left to hospital. Her Husband  was so half mad and half happy and the reason why he was happy because he had finally saw his wife Jessica and also the reason why he was sad because he had to cut down all the beautiful and lovely plants and trees.

His wife Jessica was so glad , cause she had always hated and didn't love John her husband’s plants. When she went to go and lay down in her bed she was gone , Jessica was gone and John had to live and look after his 2 adult,  children  Mary Jane and also Maxine. And Well it was only John and the 2 adults, Children John Decided to plant all the plants all over again.

                            TO BE CONTINUED!!!!.

My Reading Work.

The Meaning of this word,udder is a thing that is under and on the cows stomachs and the farmer will need a cup to milk the milk out of the udders.
Herringbone Shed
A herringbone shed is where all the cow go to the shed so the dairy farmer can get the milk from their udder so they can have some milk.
A Paddock is when it is kind of like a farm but it has fences so the cows can stay inside the space of the fences so the cows will not run away.
milking hoses
A Milking hoses is where you grab the milk when to have finished getting the milk.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here Is My Question That I had To Answer In My Literacy Class.

  1. What is a ewe? Answer: A mother Sheep. What is the opposite of a ewe? Answer: Ram a Father Sheep.

  1. Why do the lambs get tired legs? Answer-Because The Mother Sheep Takes the twins for a walk and they have Trembly legs.  

  1. Why do the mother and her lambs need to learn to smell each other? Answer:  So when there is a flock sheep they will have to remember and know their mum is. Why do they need to recognize each other?Answer:Because they might go to a different mother and that is why they need to  recognize each other.
  1. What do you think the farmer is checking for  when he looks at them carefully?Answer: To make sure they are all right.

    The Answer's are coloured in blue.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ko Maui O Te Ra.

Here is my Movie About Ko Maui O Te Ra I have Created this on iMovie and Thanks To Mrs Garden,Jared,Miss Tuawai for helping me edit my Movie.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs-Cat And Her 4 Little Babies.

Once upon a time there lived a mother cat and she had 4 wonderful babies.One day mother cat went to the supermarket to buy some groceries,”do not open the door to anyone,

Because if you open it you all will get eaten by the big bad wolf.” mum gently said to her babies.”OK mum we won`t open it.” her babies said.”You know what mum I will kick the wolf in the leg.” said the littlest one.

There was the big bad wolf peeking from under the window and he heard everything that mummy cat said.So the next day mum went off to the supermarket and the 4 babies were playing there ordinary games that that uselessly do when mum`s gone.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door,KNOCK KNOCK!!. “Who's there”,the babies said. “Its me your mother,I forgot to give you your pocket money” the wolf said in a deep rough voice.

“Hey your not mother,mother has a voice like music and you're not mother you're the big bad wolf.” the children said angrily.

So the wolf went to a music and there the wolf saw a musician so he dashed off to where the musician was and told her

“Help me make my voice like a musical,and if you do not help me don't make me want to bite your beak off.” said the wolf. And the wolf went back and there was another knock on the door.

”Hello its me mother and I have a sweet music voice and you can see that I sound like mum don't I.” the wolf said a sweet as..... a nice person.

“Let us see your paw then”,so the wolf put his paw into the mail slot and the babies were disappointed”,”you're not mother for the 2nd time,hey mum had a white paw and you are not mother.”

And the littlest child got his little hammer and he swung his little tiny hammer and the wolf screamed “aaaaaaaaaa awwwwwwwwww that really hurt how could you” “Well you are pretending someone who you're not.”

And then when the wolf got banged on his paw he badged through the door and ate 3 of the children and when he was full ,he got some of mummy cats root beer and drank some and lay down on the wicket chair and slept through the whole day.

Mum came home with sweets and ice cream for the 4 children,and when she saw a big mess she was wondering where her babies were.

Then the little baby came out of his hiding place and said “mum he's here he ate all of them except me” cried the little baby,”and he`s in your chair with a full tummy.”

“What in my chair!” mum said.She rushed into the backyard and she went as fast as she could and she bumped into the wolf and all of her babies came out and they were all slimy and wet and they were crying. Mum kissed their nose and slapped them on the ears for opening the door to the wolf.    

And so they never opened the door to anyone again.AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. THE END.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

My Raping of Reading.

Here Is what me and Nikita have created on I Movie and this is our Raping that we have done with Miss Garden. It is quit Funny or not but the most thing is ENJOY WATCHING MY MOVIE!!!!.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

Lost On An Island.

Once Upon a time Me, and My Friends went to this beautiful Island named Hawaii. Their place had a lot of people and I just could not stand living in Hawaii . My Friends Danny,Sara and Ryan thought they had a nice and cool plane just to leave me here in Hawaii all alone. So then on the next day Ryan said to Danny to get Sara to get ready to scream so they can make me faint .

So Sara Screamed and then I fainted and fell to the ground, The reason I fainted Because I  was Afraid of Spiders,Snakes, and even  Green Dinosaurs ooh and by the way and also fish. And the reason why Sara screamed and yelled Spiders because When I first meet my 3 Friends we all had to tell what we were afraid of and I said Spiders,Snakes and also Green Dinosaurs.

So then My 3 Friends disappeared and went to another  Island which means back to the place where they came from. And Later on I woke up and  saw  nothing but grass.

My 3 Friends had just arrived to their own bed,Own house,and even own Family because the reason why the had left me on that Island because the wanted to go back and meet and stay with their own Parents and Family but because they had made new Parents and new Families.

So than I had struggled to find a way  back home in New -Zealand , and I have tried Planes,Trains,Bus but they were all full and the planes had just gone and the captain of the  plane named John said the Plane will be back in  3 weeks because their were lots of planes coming from all sorts of places like Chicago and Australia.

My 1 Friend  named Danny had just got home by bus and her Parents said “Hi Sweaty where is Mua” and Danny Replied “She’s um mm um gone fishing with her father” and then Danny’s Mum said “In the middle of the night oh  lord  look how crazy her father is” and Danny replied to her mother “huh Yeah right how crazy he is hahaha” and Danny laughed all the way to her bedroom.

Danny was so ashamed that her and her 2 friends Left me in Hawaii. Danny’s  dad just arrived from work and he works at a job where they make  breakfast,Cereals just like Rice Bubbles,Corn Flakes, and also Sweetbrier Danny’s dad had 5 boxes full of Cereals.

Her dad called her and said “Honey how was your day at Hawaii Ooh and by the way where are your 3 friends are still on their trip or something” and Danny replied back “Ha Yeah my 3 friends,they are gone to the movies”. Danny’s dad said to Danny that he will be going to the Movies and will say hi to Sara,Ryan and also me.

Danny ran to the door and blocked the way where dad was heading out. Danny’s dad said “Get out of the way” and Danny replied to her father “NO I AM NOT LETTING YOU GO OUT TO THE MOVIES” and Danny’s dad said “what is the matter and why are you yelling at me” and Danny said “Ooh I am sorry dad I just wasn’t Thinking” and Dad replied “No it is okay um so yeah when are you going to move out of my way”.

And Danny ran to her bedroom and got dressed in her colourful dress. Her dad said god by and of he went in his car driving of to the movies. Danny opened up her hi tower window and started finding a way out of the top roof of the tower. She Finally found a way out of the tower and jumped down in her hills and then she started screaming because her hills where dirty.

Danny’s dad got there just in time and the same time as Danny. She ran in where the ticket was and there was a horrid old man asking or 10 dollars for a ticket and Danny said she was the president of China and the old man said OK Miss you may enter Danny ran and acted like she was her 3 friends.

                                                TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!......

                                         Part 2 will come on NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

                                    AND THIS IS LOST ON AN ISLANDS  PART 1  !!!!!!!!



Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Faboulous Spotted Egg.

Last Week Me and My Littracy Class had to make a Movie about the Faboulous Spotted Egg. And We had to put our names in a hat and pick whitch Partner do we get so then I pulled a name out and it was Liku's name and here is our Movie and Enjoy watching.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhum-lying Couplets.

                  A Couplet is an Lyric that has the same ending but sounds the same.

My favourite colour of my Pyjamas is red.
I love to sleep in my cosy  bed.

I wish and dreamed for a crown.
And soon or later I turned so brown.

I heard a giant saying THI,THU,THO, thump.
And an hour later it jumped.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013








Hi did you answer all those quieten well I have. And I will tell you mine. 1.My Favourite singer is Demi Lavato and even the Jonas Brothers,Stan Walker. 2. My Favourite Colour is Blue and Green. 3. My Favourite food is Pancakes,Chopsui and even rice with tuna. 4. My Favourite Subject at school is Math,and Reading. 5. My Favourite Island is Samoa,Fiji and my Favourite Country is New New Zealand,Austria,U.S.A and my Favourite Planet is Earth,Mars, and even Jupiter and my Favourite computer name that I have is a Samsung,A.S.U.S.

And that was all my Answer's that I have done and see If you can do all of that and 1 more thing TRY YOUR BEST AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

All About Me And My Family.

Hi my name is Muamua,Nikki,Taua,Leuila and as you can see you are on my blog. I am a year 6 at Point-England School and I am in room 17 and My Teachers name is Miss Garden. I have a Family which is 1 Brother,1 Sister,and as usually I have 1 Mum,Dad and my brother Max also come's to the same school as me Point-England School and my Sister Mary-Jane  is 2 years old and my mum alwase says she only has 3 more years to go for her to go to School. My mum North goes to work every night at 10 o'clock and my dad Max goes  to work early in the Morning round about 7.30 or 6.30.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mine Craft.

On Fridays 3 classes which is Room 16,17 and 18 plays this very cool game named Mine Craft. Me and My friends enjoy playing Mine craft in fact everyone in room 16,17,18 enjoy playing. The way how to play this game is that there are 9 box's down bottom of the game you have to use them by pushing the numbers on the key pads up to 9. And if the 9 box's are blank you need to push E and get what ever you want to build a house,garden,farm... but what ever you would like to build . On Mine
Craft I have built 3 houses out of Glass,Brick,and even coloured blocks. And the decorations that I have done is an Book Shelf,Trap Door,A normal door,An Treasure, and even a Beacon.

Family Photo.

Last year on 2012 July the 10 My mum has designed a really cool Family Photo. First my mum garbed  a blank Photo Frame and she even remembered that she left some bunch of our Family Photo. From when we where at home,Air Port,Beach,our Family's  House, and even going for a walk at some strange place . She also remembered her stick glue she hid in the stationary in the city-room on the working table. So then she glue the Photos to the Photo Frame and this is how it ended like. Me and my Mum,Sister,Brother and even my dad loves it so much so we all decided to hang it up in our City-room. Oh  and by the way, Me and my Mum love it SO,SO,SO,SO,SO MUCH  then anyone could love a cuddling pillow.

My DVDs.

Today on the 14 of August 2013 Me and My Brother,Sister have way to many DVDs and they are mostly kid movies. We have plenty to watch every time when we are bored,Lazy and even Tired my sister named Mary-Jane and 2 years old like Toy Story 1 and 2,Ice Age,Shrek THE THIRD,Cats and Dogs THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE... and there are more but it is just that My mum hides them because my little 2 year old sister alwase chucks them away and even stands on them. And the most likely  movie I like is Cats & Dogs but the thing I like and love about that DVD because I love it when,Former elite agent Kitty Galore plans to unleash a diabolical device designed to not only bring her canine enemies to heel but also to take down  her scratching post.Cats & Dogs must now join forces for the first time ever to prevent a global cat-astrophe. This fun adventure features the vice talent of Christina Applegate,Micheal Clark Duncan,Neil Patric Harris,Sean Hayes,James Marsden,Bette Midler and Nick Nolte,and stars Chris O'Donnell and Jack McBrayer.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Speech Marks.

WALT - use speech marks to show direct speaking.

Fill in the Speech Marks:
“Hibernates,” said the fox again. “It means that he goes to sleep for the whole winter.”

“Sleeps for the whole winter!” I said.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Show How 2 Factors And 1 Product Make A Family Of Facts.

Speech Marks.

WALT - use speech marks to show direct speaking.

Fill in the Speech Marks:

“Good morning,” said the check-out lady. “Do you have your Fly Buys card?”

“It isn't fair!”  he complained bitterly. “I always have to wash the dishes.”

“What do you want to do when you grow up,” said John.

“I don’t know” replied Dan “I might be a pilot.”

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Siapo Picture.

Today Our Maths class  had to draw and colour a pattern  of an art called the Siapo and this is my Picture which is a flower pattern. 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Three Little Pigs.

    The Three Little Pigs.
Once upon a time there  were three little Pigs  they were grown ups and wanted to leave home  to seek their own fortune. So the Three little pigs said  “Good bye mum” and of they went to build their own houses.

The first little Pig who wasn't  very clever decided to build a house quick and easy made out of straw.The first pig was also lazy,weak,and clumsy. His house wasn’t very strong.

“Little pig , Little pig, Let me come in”  growled the big bad wolf. “ No not by the hairs of my chimney chin chin” Squeaked the Nervous little piglet. “Then I’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF and’ I’ll blow your house down” replied the Big Bad Wolf. The Little piglet was so scared that the big bad wolf blew the house down and ate the first  little piglet.

The second Little pig built a house made out of sticks. He thought that sticks were stronger than hay  and  he was wrong. So he started building his house  out of sticks.  When he have finished building his house he rested on his chair and started to have a nap.

Then  along came the big bad wolf and went knocking on the second little pigs door and said “Little pig,Little pig, let me in”  said the wolf. The piglet said  “Not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin” . “Then I’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF and I’ll blow your house down” growled the big bad wolf. So the big bad wolf HUFFED and PUFFED and blew the house down he followed the smell of pork chops and he finally found the piglet and eat him until he was finished the taste of sweet blood.

The third little pig was very smart and clever  than the other 2 pigs . The third piglet decided to build a house made out of brick. It took for like  an hour to build a house out of bricks. He had finally  finished building his house and relaxed .

The big bad wolf   said “Little pig,Little pig let me in it is your mother here please open up” in a nice soft voice and the piglet replied  “Hi mum” but he looked out the window and saw a hairy big bad wolf and the piglet said “your not my mother” and the big bad wolf said “I’ll HUFF and I’ll PUFF and I’ll blow your house down. So the big bad wolf HUFFED and PUFFED  but in 6 seconds later he lost his breath and took a deep breath but still it did not work.

So the big bad wolf wanted to find his way in to get that little piglet and eat him into 100 pieces and taste his yummy sweet blood. So he wanted to jump into the chimney and there he went all the way down.

So the 3d little piglet said “I need a new plan to destroy that ugly yuck in slimy big bad wolf” So he put a  pot of boiling water in the chimney and all of a sudden the big bad wolf came falling down the chimney and the little piglet could smell yuck disgusting blood from the other two pigs that have past the way.

So the Big bad wolf never came back to the forest and the Three Little Pigs lived happily ever after.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going To Kelly Tarltons.

Gentoo Penguins are very kind and helpful they have long red  becks they have over 17 feathers. But  under their 17 feathers they have blubber to keep them warm in the freezing Ice,and they are the 3d  tallest penguins.

The tallest penguins are the Empore Penguins and the second one is the King penguins and as you know the 3d tallest is Gentoo  Penguins. Gentoo  Penguins have long tails that look like a hair brush,Gen too penguins have red or Pink feet and their nails are colour black.

When my friend Marama went up to the penguins they saw the light and when they saw her she lifted up her net book and the penguins beck went up and up and my friend Marama was laughing.

The Gentoo  Penguins have this White colour that goes to one eye and reaches to the other eye.