Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Inferring Detective.

First of all welcome to my blog and thank you for reading this blogpost. This is my presentation that is called Inferring Detective. I learned that inferring means reading between the lines by finding the clues that are not written in the story. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog post and also leaving my some positive feedback.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Immersion Assembly.

On the 20th of July Pt England School had an Immersion Assembly on the first day off school. In the Immersion Assembly Mr Burt was Trading and Enterprise$e . Early in the morning Mrs Nua and also the prefects were handing out mini cards with numbers on it so that when you want what is about to be sold you must put up your card at every single price. From team 5 Shelford was the one that won my favorite thing and that was a basketball the reason why I did not win it was because I did not have a number card.

During assemble I really enjoyed my-self and I was also happy the the teams production during the assembly. My favorite team had got to be Team 3 because they were studying about Ice-Cream , The most important reason why I love that team is because they will be making the Ice-Cream during school time.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Open Expo.

Image result for open expoMy favorite creativity for me had to be the INSTRUMENTOS group. The reason why they were the best group was because they thought that they would paint the netball/basketball courts, for the reason that said that it did not look too perfect because when the visitors walk past there will be no colour the court would be plain grey.

Greetings to you all and welcome to my blog. On Friday the 3rd of July there was an open Expo day in the team 5 building inside the street. Other classes from our school came to visit us and check out what we have been up too.  The younger students around our area really enjoyed our work and also enjoyed what we have created for Tinkering Tools & Toys. While students were visiting they really enjoyed themselves and that was what pleased me, by the looks on their faces they really enjoyed our creations of our creativity. On the Expo day there were many many things you could possible think of when creating something.