Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going To Kelly Tarltons.

Gentoo Penguins are very kind and helpful they have long red  becks they have over 17 feathers. But  under their 17 feathers they have blubber to keep them warm in the freezing Ice,and they are the 3d  tallest penguins.

The tallest penguins are the Empore Penguins and the second one is the King penguins and as you know the 3d tallest is Gentoo  Penguins. Gentoo  Penguins have long tails that look like a hair brush,Gen too penguins have red or Pink feet and their nails are colour black.

When my friend Marama went up to the penguins they saw the light and when they saw her she lifted up her net book and the penguins beck went up and up and my friend Marama was laughing.

The Gentoo  Penguins have this White colour that goes to one eye and reaches to the other eye.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sentence Mash Up.

WALT: Rearrange the words in a sentences.

She is in great form because every week she  goes  to the gym.
She goes to the gym every week  where she is in great form.

I think Susan likes  you .
Susan likes you, I think.

I can't talk to you because I do not have time now .
I do not have time right now so I can not talk to you.

We are glad that at home we  did not leave our umbrella .
We did not leave our umbrella at home which made us glad.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Movie About Food Chain.

This is my Movie about Food Chain In Antarctica. Enjoy Watching My Movie.