Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday was a beautiful and lovely day for the Pt England school year 7&8's to go and have a blast at  poly-fest. On a 10k drive in the bus with my class we finally made it to were we were meant to arrive. The year 7&8's were split up into groups and most of us were apart from our class mates.

As the day went by I really enjoyed walking around looking for FREE items like wrist bands, Coconut cream and also Ponchus-Crackers. While I was enjoying my day I really enjoyed going to Flava because I won a water bottle by answering a question, and the question was (What does AUT mean? and the answer for me was Auckland University Technology.

I was really prould and also amazed by my-self by winning a water bottle. I enjoyed my day and I hope that I get to go again to the ASB Polyfest.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My Visual Mihi.

Talofa Lava,
My name is Muamua Leuila. First of all welcome to my blog and here is what I have created that is called my Visual Mihi. Team 5 had to create four things about your self that is dedicated to you. So I hope you enjoy looking and reading this blog post and also leave me some feed back.