Thursday, 3 December 2015

The term has come to an end.

Image result for End of term 42015 Term 4 has come to an end. Just about 2 weeks to wake up bright and early in the morning until the term ends. Pt England school is the school I attended for eight years and yet that eight years will be over. I have enjoyed spending my time here at P.E.S and I am also looking forward to starting High School. Team 5 is the best place to be and I enjoyed listening, Respecting, my teachers and also my team mates.

Next year I am hoping that the street in our building will have more decoration and also more detail of our education they will be learning on 2016. My 2015 learning progress was growing through out the year but I was making 10% progress in my maths but I focused and focused until I understood the meaning of what my focus was that term.