Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Pt-England Way.

        Pt  England  Rules, The  Pt  England  Way.

The Pt-England Way is a way of life that Mr Burt and the prefects created, for the Pt England School students and teachers. It is a way of life that Pt Englander’s all know and follow and is how Mr Burt concludes assembly every Fridays.  Mr Burt starts of with the Karakia and while that finishes he starts talking about the Pt-England way and rules.

One of the Pt-England rules are the 3 p’s protection , participation  and also partnership. Those 3 p’s help us to behave when new students arrive in our school and also new visitors that come all around our school and check and see what we have been learning about for the past few years and days.

Mr Burt also discusses respect and the prefects have just created the respect word into something that is suitable and it was RESPECT-remember eyes and ears, speed, posture, everyone co-operating together we have done that for our Korero in the Pt-England way of respect.

Learning at school is an acceptable way to help Pt England learn and also to strive and the word Tiaki Taonga is the fantastic word that the Pt-England Student’s will be learning about the whole year and that means our school,our people,our efforts,and our success.

The Pt-England way is to take care of everything we know and to look after the school property. Our people mean we need to take care of other’s that we know and to also help them achieve and learn how to Respect.

Our efforts means that you need to have power in yourself have faith in yourself and not to struggle or stress in what you do like your work in class time and to just enjoy life. The word success means to work hard and to succeed and reach your goals in your work, and your homework.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014


WALT: Comprehend concepts related to mental health and emotional promotion.What is empathy?Why is it important to show empathy toward others? Empathy is important so you can show others about your feeling’s and to also recognize other people’s feelings.What does it mean to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes?” Put yourself in their shoes means caring for other people and helping them if they need a hand.What does that have to do with empathy? That includes because empathy is showing the way of life and helping everyone.
What can you do to show empathy toward another person?Help them and conclude them as your family or share and love them and to also care about them.
Make a popplet or Google drawing a displaying ways that you can reach out to others.
Think of a time when you hurt someone’s feelings. Describe what happened. I have hurted my friends feelings when she showed me a picture of her dog and then I teased it.

Do you think it would be a big change or a small change? YesWhy do you think so? So we do not have any more detention in class-time.

How did you know you hurt the person’s feelings? Because she was telling the teacher and also bursting in tears.

How did you feel about the situation? Pretty sad and horrible and I will fell awful.

What did you do to make the situation better? By replying and saying sorry and I also said "I am sorry and I hope you will forgive me in what I have done wrong" and she replied "Yes I be leave you and you will always be my Best Friend.

Discuss how you think your school would change if all of the students showed Empathy to each other?Our principle and teachers will be impressed in us and they will tell the Pt-Englanders that we have improved the rest of the adults.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

A Helping Hand.

A Helping Hand

Looking at the title of the story and image on the first page, what do you think the story might be about? A ball going far over the fence and over the fence was a big giant bull.

Share experiences about being really scared. How did you feel? How did your body react to being
really frightened? I felt really nervous running past a big dog and it was my neighbor's dog and this happened last year.

A HELPING HAND - what clues are there in this title?
Brainstorm possible characters and story problems.
A softball ball, A enormous bull,Paddock,Michelle,Karl,Sarah,Mum,Kevin.

What were Karl and Sarah looking at? Why do you think they were looking at this so closely?
Karl and Sarah was standing by the fence looking at the biggest bull.

What does the writer mean when it says “when she connected with the ball”?
It means that the person that was connecting with the ball it means that she is really good at playing softball.

What language feature is “CRACK? See if you can find any more in the story?
The language CRACK! is when Sarah hitted  the ball and it made a sound of CRACK!!

What did Michelle have to get? How do you think she was feeling about having to get this? How would you feel?
Michelle had to go and get the ball that is in the Paddock with the ball. Michelle was feeling so terrified ,nervous and also scared.

There is plenty of conversation in the story - how do we know this?
Because there was a lot of speech marks in the story and that means there was a lot of speaking.

What does the word ‘uncertain’ mean? Find the definition and put the word into a sentence of your own.
Example Certain means you are 100% sure  but uncertain means you are not sure of anything.

Predict what you think will happen next in the story, what is your reasoning for this?
When Michelle gets the ball in the paddock she grabs the ball and the bull chases her and she dies.

Summarise what has happened in the story so far.

Who are the characters we have been introduced to? State one fact/ or piece of information about each character. Mum,Karl,Sarah,Kevin,Mitchell, the Turners.Mum,Karl,Sarah,Kevin,Mitchell, the Turners.

Why was Michelle’s heart banging so hard against her ribs, can you tell me an example/ time in your life when you have felt the same? Where, were you? Why did you feel this way? how did you deal with it?

Michelle’s heart was banging so hard against her ribs because she thought it would burst right through.
The time of my life I was scared was when this strange was chasing after me while I was going for a walk. Up the Mountain.
I was afraid I might get bitten by that strange dog.

What does Michelle mean when she says “snail pace would be safest”?
So the snail pace can make her safe so the bull will not eat her.

The terms - “fear began to ooze out of my skin” What does the writer mean by this? The writer means the smell of the hung in the air.

What language feature is “It felt like an earthquake shaking the ground”? Write your own sentence of a comparison such as this.
As I ran across the road a big tank was riding and It felt like it was going a earthquake.

Michelle, merely escaped the altercation with the bull, how do you think she felt after she had made it out? Use examples from the text to back up your quote.
She felt afraid and freaked out like her heart was pumping

What do you suggest Michelle do now to get over the gate from the other side?
Climb over the fence or someone can help her over

What has the author done to try and make this a good story?”
Linda Dawley tryed and make the story good so when other people read the book they can be interesting.

What do YOU think of this  story ? Give it a rating out of 10 and say why?
10/10 because I think the story was interesting because I was so afraid when Mitchell was going to die by the bull.
KNOWLEDGE - What are the facts

Make a list (or draw pictures with labels) of the characters in the story.
Write down words from the story that tell you something about them.
Mitchelle because people tease her with her short legs.

COMPREHENSION - Show that you understand the story

What did Karl mean when he said “That’s your question answered” ?
He Meant that who was going to help her over the gate from the other side.

Choose 3 words from the story that are new, difficult, or interesting to you.
Write a sentence for each one showing that you understand what it means.

Make a sign to go on the gate to the bull paddock, warning people about
the behavior of this bull?
Your sign should have words and pictures to get attention.

Write a poem or a rap song about Michelle’s time in the bull paddock.
I walking down the farm I saw a bull it was chasing after and I died but then I came back alive.

ANALYSIS - Windows into the story
Give a reason why you think this is the most important event.

SYNTHESIS - Coming up with new ideas

Design something that you could wear into the bull paddock to protect

you from the bull OR some sort of invention that could get the ball back
without having to go in the paddock at all.
Label your drawings or write descriptions to explain your interesting ideas

EVALUATION - Sorting out the good from the bad

Make a list of the good things (Yellow Hat thinking) and the bad things
(Black Hat thinking) about being brave and taking dangerous risks.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Math Triangel.

"One of our Math tasks today was working on an audition triangle". One of the rules is that you can not write the same two numbers in each row". I have just completed my Frist. I am now moving on to a difficult one,

Monday, 10 February 2014

My Goal Settings.

This is my goal settings I have created on my Presentation this Term I hope you enjoy reading my Presentation .

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Me And My Sister.

This is me and sister at home taking photos on my Net-book last year. My Sister's name is Mary-Jane she has been my sister ever since. Sometimes she is kind of cheeky to me,My Brother,and also my parents but really she is kind of nice and kind of mean. Most of the times she laughs for no reason and also she laughs to dry things. She is 2 years old and I am a Year 7 girl and Pt England School.

My Popplet.

One of our reading activities today was to create a Poppet or word web to increase our range of vocabulary. The word we where given was Leisure, I found 26 many words that are synonyms
for leisure. I have found this Pretty hard but then it was just that simple. You just had to find another word of Leisure just like Fun,Resting,Peace.... and words like that I have worked on this like just 2 minuets and I hope you enjoy reading what I have created on Popplet.