Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Xtramath Times Tables.

Here is what I have done on a site and it is called Xtramath. Xtramath helps me practice my Addition , Times Tables , and also my division. I hope you enjoy readying my work and hopefully if you have the time you can maybe try this site out.

Place Values On Math Whiz.

On Math Whiz I have been learning my Place Values so I can learn much much more and get brainy. I have been learning this since I was in Room 10. If you would like and love to try it out then here is the link to Math Whiz.

Link To Math Whiz :

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Commonwealth Bossaball Movie.

Here is what I have created on a HyperStudio and edited it and added in some recording and also a song called I'm Yours Instrument and it is called Commonwealth Bossaball Movie. I hope you enjoy watching my movie and also leave me a positive comment on my blog.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Word Web (Want) . :).

Here is what I have created on a website called Popplet. Class 3 and I have been searching for another word for Want. If you would like to try this out then her is a link to the Popplet. Hope you enjoy ready this reading work and hopefully you will leave me some feed back on my blog.

Link To Popplet :

Life Education Trust Caravan.

On the 12th Of August was class 3’s last session at the Life Education Trust Caravan. Lynn works for the Life Education Trust where she helps us learn about unusual things like drugs or alcohol. Lynn helps students at Pt - England School chose the right decisions by living your life. but most of all you  need to take care of yourself and also your family by not taking drugs or alcohol. If you take drugs it affects your body and it may send you to a hospital like a Mental health clinic .

The Life Education Trust caravan is filled with photos of people taking drugs and alcohol and  they suffer and get sent to hospital. Walking in the caravan you can see that there is a screen projector where Lynn shows us how people suffer after taking drugs and alcohol and they leave to jail and they have nothing else like friends and family. The people that take drugs their family and friends are their own drugs and alcohol because they did not focus on family but instead they focused on drugs and alcohol.

Once taking a pill or a drug than that person gets addicted and they start to get use to it. Taking drugs or alcohol can affect your body by going out  of control  and making you forget all about your family and friends. When taking drugs a few times you get use to it and you want it when you are in frustration and you also need it when you are hungry or thirsty.

The person that works in the life education trust caravan , “Lynn” she helps and also teaches us how to make right decisions like taking or not taking drugs or alcohol but when you make bad decisions the man above will not believe you no more but most of all  when you choose the wrong decisions it makes you suffer and gets you out of control. But if you believe in making decisions than you must choose the right decisions and live your life by spending time with your family and also friends.

The brain can control everything around your body and also move you around and it also helps you learn in class time but most of all helping you think when you have exams or a test for your report.  Whenever that person takes the drug or the alcohol it can affect your brain and stop from controlling your body and can get you out of control by smashing and also cracking things around the house and may injure someone in the house.

The life education trust caravan is very valuable because it helps you understand about choosing the right decision and live your life by not taking anything serious like drugs or maybe alcohol. It is an great opportunity to help children understand the meaning of drugs and also helping their own family by telling them to not take drugs so their family will not suffer and they will have a great life.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ways To Show A Number.

Here is what I have created on a think bored and this is called Ways To Show A Number. Hope you enjoy by leaving me a positive massage (Comment).

Math Whiz.

For the past few weeks and years I have been working on this site called Math Whiz. Going and learning on this site helps me focus on my maths and it also helps me learn my Division , Times table and also not forgetting my addition. Here is a link for you to try out. 

Link :

Monday, 18 August 2014

Word Web (Change).

On Monday 18th Of August 2014 Class 3 had to create a Popplet and the word we had to search and find the meaning of it was Change. We (Class 3) had to put 24 new words on the popplet . Hope you Enjoy by leaving me a comment on my blog.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Life Education Trust

On Tuesday 12th of August was Class 3's last day at the Life Education Trust.To the owner of
the Life Education Trust we all just want to Thank Lynn for helping us and also teaching us about how we live our life and to also learn how to take responsibility when we grow up to a teenager to an Adult. Learning about this makes me feel upset and felling worried about the people that has past the way when they have not taken responsible. So hopefully I will take charge and respect my self but mostly my family Adults.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Holidays Recount. “Show Not Tell”.

           Holidays Recount. “Show Not Tell”.
   By Muamua Leuila. x-)

Thrilled with excitement I raced to the Red Toyota car and buckled my seat-belt.  With speed the Red toyota drove fast like the wind and drove past Hamilton to Tokoroa. with frustration I ran with speed to the door of 11 Dalmeny Street , from time , to time my Nan took a one second step to open the door.  Slipping of my shoe lace and throwing them on the door steep that looked like a pig style I raced with excitement to the couch and switched the T.V on to Jessie on channel 2.

Laughing my head off a lovely pinkish and whitish dress was ruined by a stinky white and black skunk..  While laughing my head off my mum was yelling with frustration and her face was turning bright as rosy red.  My palms were sweating as I rolled my eyes at her and paid attention to what she was saying.

Inspired with Joy my mum said quietly to my Nan “Is it OK if we can go home and milk little baby”  “Sure , Sure , Sure “ replied my Nan. I Ran with Joyful noise and buckled my seat belt and got ready to leave Nan’s house and arrive home. My mum had trouble putting my baby sister on her pink Roseo car seat , so I gave her hand to put my little baby sister.

While annoying her very own older sister “Mua” she pulled my hair and scratched my as hard as possible and my palms were sweating and my cheeks were turning rosy red. I held my anger management inside of me and I was thinking that I should scream it out loud outside so my mum does not stress.

Leaving 11 Dalmeny  , and passing Hamilton we stopped at the dairy and bought some sour and sweet lollies , Drinks. The reason why my mum bought a drink because we were all thirsty and plus my sister just coughed the whole way until stopping at the dairy. We arrived near Tamaki College. where my brother Max was  surprised that we were near home..

We got home with excitement and rushed into bed and took a 24 hour nap till morning.


Commonwealth Games / Sports .

The Commonwealth Games are a sporting event that is  currently taking place in Glasgow , Scotland. The commonwealth games include lots of different and also difficult sports. The first games were held in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada where 11 countries sent 400 athletes to take part in six sports and 59 events.
They were initially called the British nations Games. The games has taken place every four years except during 1942 and 1946 when they were cancelled due to the second World War.  There is a difference between Olympics and Commonwealth games because in the commonwealth games the only countries allowed are the commonwealth countries but the Olympics any country can compete.
There are 53 countries which take part in the Commonwealth Games but 71 teams compete as a number of territories and island states take part under their own flag. Britain also sends four separate teams. There are Scotland , England , Wales and also including the Northern Ireland.

100th Commemorates World War. "Lest We Forget".

Today is a day that 'Lest We Forget time that we need to remember because it is the 100th anniversary for the world war. The world war may include the A.N.Z.A.C day because the meaning is the same , WAR. It will be the hundredth year since our soldiers went to WWI , May we all remember the world war and must never forget. This war was the Biggest , Baddest and also important war.