Friday, 20 November 2015

Andrew Patterson Talk.

"Andrew Patterson!" I shouted with excitement, This was the day were we had a visitor named Andrew Patterson visit our year 8's at 11:30 Am.  Mr Patterson was one of the schools best visitors, but mostly my favorite visitor. For today's program we were discussing all about how we are looking forward to  becoming a year 9 and starting college, The main focus was how we need to get ready for next year.

"Our Brain Grows!" I said with confusion, Talking about getting ready Mr Patterson explained to the year 8's how our brain grows and how it can grow stronger if you study and work hard in the amount of time you have. Playing a movie from his presentation the movie had 7 habits and those habits are Be Proactive, Begin with the end of the mind, Put first things first, Think Win-Win,  Seek first to understand, Synergize, and also sharpen the saw.

All those habits are the effective habits that mean so much more to the year 8's, Therefore it helps us determine how nervous but excited we are to attend college and strive to succeed as we reach the end of the marathon to succeed in university. 

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