Thursday, 5 November 2015

Special Time With Friends!

“On your marks get set go!” I ran with exhaustion with my teammates who were a meter away from me, it was the day of the amazing race! We got put into teams were we had to go to different kinds of obstacles, first up was the fear factor.

“Fruit salad & Spaghetti”, I thought to myself “Umm, will this be tastefully delicious, I don’t know but will see how it goes”. Munch, munch, munch, I was chewing with enthusiasm where I heard teammates cheer for my name, I could hear squeaky voices appearing through my eardrums as I continued crunching the pear cube of the  fruit salad.

From the distance ahead I could see my classmates spewing out their germy disgusting food from their mouth as they ran out the red old door to get some water. Last spoon I said to myself, “Yummy, Yum, Yum” Was the only word that came out of my mouth as everyone was outside getting some fountain fresh water.

“Gooo Mua! Shouted my classmate Alazae, “You can do this”. I was so proud of myself for going for what I have not done before and I was also proud that I ignored my fears while eating my favorite food from now on. But I  was still shocked as my teammates did not enjoy the fresh fruit salad and the canned spaghetti, But the most important thing is that I enjoyed it.

The amazing race was closing to an end and all of my emotions were sad, therefore my teammates and I will not do this again,  for the reason that this is our last term together, I really enjoyed the fear factor, because I liked the delicious food the teachers prepared for our amazing race (Fun Time).

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